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Posted By: Steve Shaw
13-Apr-16 - 06:32 AM
Thread Name: Chord Req: Hector the Hero
Subject: RE: Chord Req: Hector the Hero
Scott-Skinner repeats the first part an octave higher but doesn't show a repeat for the second part. Have a listen to Tommy Peoples with the Bothy Band in 1975 on YouTube (the one with an extra "e" on "Drumblair!") which they play with a reasonably steady metre (and no chords!). On The Quiet Glen he plays it without a discernible metre, both valid approaches though the latter is tricky to carry off convincingly. The tune can sound rather worthy, a bit four-square, if played with a rock-steady slow tempo with lots of strumming...wanna borrow my t-shirt...? 😉

We non-purist hairy-arses always played it as the first in a set of three A tunes, following Hector The Hero with the Laird Of Drumblair and Devil Among The Tailors.

Hector fell from grace somewhat over a homosexuality scandal, and ended up shooting himself, despite his distinguished war record in the Boer Wars (sheesh!). We have a contemporaneous local Boer War hero from around here who also fell from grace, more likely in his case because he was a bumbling fool, General Redvers Buller. There's an impressive bronze statue of him on horseback in Exeter, and our nearest pub is named after him. Wouldn't mind betting that he and Hector crossed paths.