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Posted By: keberoxu
13-Apr-16 - 07:20 PM
Thread Name: ADD: The Wompom (Flanders and Swann)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: The Wompom (Flanders and Swann)
By the way, Charley Noble, the words on the page would indeed fall flat by themselves. Donald Swann's Gilbert-and-Sullivan patter-song-paced musical setting keeps the words moving at a very brisk pace indeed. The sight of the words in print gives far greater pleasure to those of us who have the sound of the singing in our ear, and who can hear the rhythms and the sheer frantic speed of the musical tempo.

Leon Berger has posted a YouTube video of a live performance, black-and-white film, of Flanders and Swann singing The Wompom (not the Atomic Fish-and-Chips version). The duo pretend to be broadcasting a commercial advertisement from a gen-u-ine WomPom Factory, complete with non-verbal mechanical assembly-line noises vocalized by both men in between verses. The audience, as one can hear, finds it all hilarious.