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Posted By: JenBurdoo
13-Apr-16 - 09:34 PM
Thread Name: Chord Req: Hector the Hero
Subject: RE: Chord Req: Hector the Hero
Wow, heck of a response! Thank you all. I learned it from North Sea Gas as a song. They play it fairly quickly, and I stayed with that. Worked out chords on my own in D before coming back to this thread, though dissimilar to most of the ones suggested:

O, [G]wail for the mighty in [D]battle,
Loud [G]lift ye the [D]Coronach [A]strain;
For [G]Hector, the Hero, of [D]deathless [G]fame,
Will [D]never come [A]back [D]again.

[D]Lament him, ye [G]mountains of [D]Ross-shire;
Your tears be the [G]dew and the [A]rain;
[D]Ye forests and [G]straths, let the [D]sobbing [G]winds
Un[D]burden your [A]grief and [D]pain.

Here's my recording:

Leeneia's is quite workable as well, though I had trouble keeping the beat and dropped some of the chords to stick with the tempo. Maybe I'm just not reading it right?

Sorry to GUEST; There's of course never a reason not to return to this awesome site more frequently!