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Posted By: Will Fly
14-Apr-16 - 04:46 AM
Thread Name: BS: My Girl Jill - a windmill walkthrough
Subject: RE: BS: My Girl Jill - a windmill walkthrough
They did indeed. There's a smaller post-mill a few miles away at Keymer (the Oldland Mill) which has no fantackle. They have to lift up the talthur (tailpole) and shift the mill by hand as the wind changes.

Similarly at the Nutley mill, in the north of the county.

Mr Red - I actually forgot to show the spider explicitly in the video. It's at the front of the sweeps, outside the mill and looks like a 4-legged spider - you can see it in one of the early clips - and it's the spiders legs that each attach to a sweep and operate the shutters.

So, the miller pulls down on the left-hand side of the chain by the door and turns the chain wheel clockwise (as you look from the outside). The wheels turns the internal gears at the back of the stone floor ceiling - which you can see in the video - and the gears push the metal rod backwards and forwards through the windshaft to open and close the spider and shutters.

The miller pulls on the right-hand side of the chain to turn the chain wheel in the opposite direction to open the shutters and spill the wind.