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Posted By: Penny S.
14-Apr-16 - 06:37 AM
Thread Name: BS: Zika updates
Subject: RE: BS: Zika updates
Jack, I think they live with themselves because they are suffering from something similar, but not so easily spotted, as microencephaly.

It looks, BTW, as if Zika induced microencephaly, is different from other manifestations - I've seen accounts of a woman functioning fully in society, up to university level. Not, I think, a Republican. But what has been reported from Brazil is something else, and very scarey.

That the virus can cross the placenta, unlike other viruses is something that really needs to be addressed, and fast. It could do a lot of other damage. It can cross the brain barrier as well, obviously.

And it produces beings who can do nothing but scream, who cannot feed properly.

Abortion will obviously not be seen as helpful.