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Subject: Hally Wood resources
Please post additions/corrections.
If you know of any articles about or by HALLY WOOD,
this information would be of major interest. Thanks!

Thanks to all who provided information for this document,
especially Jeff Place (Smithsonian-Folkways), Andy Lanset (WNYC),
Evan MacBeth, Han Enderman.
Best wishes, Thomas.

Harriet Elizabeth Wood

September 29, 1922, Washington, D.C.
July 22, 1989, Houston, Texas.

"Hally had unique grace and beauty as a singer of traditional songs. She was one of the few who could sing as remarkably as any of the best roots singers.
Her LPs "O Lovely Appearance of Death" (Elektra) and "Texas Folk Songs" (Stinson) show her singing with clarity and strength and a timeless appeal. A late LP that never found a market (Sandy Paton can tell the story of that) showed her nearly as good in her late years as she had been earlier.
She should have been recorded much more than she was. But she was hard to catch up with, and the dominant producers of the folk era didn't press her to put her wonderful music on record.
Hally was also one of the few ever to succeed admirably at noting traditional tunes the way they were sung, freed from the preconceptions of classically trained music scholars.
May her wonderful music live on in all of us."
EDER, Bruce: Hally Wood -
Born in Washington, D. C., Harriet Elizabeth "Hally" Wood (1922-1989) was the daughter of a U.S. Army doctor, who retired in San Antonio, Texas. While studying music at the University of Texas at Austin, she met John and Alan Lomax, and in 1940, she married John Henry Faulk, with whom she had one daughter. Following the end of World War II, Wood moved to New York City to work with such folk musicians as Woody Guthrie, Lead Belly, and Pete Seeger. After divorcing Faulk in 1947, she married Spanish Civil War veteran Lou Gordon. Returning to Austin in 1953, Wood divorced Gordon and earned her bachelor's degree while transcribing field recordings for the Lomaxes. She once again moved to New York City, performing with the Skifflers and other musicians. Upon moving to Puerto Rico in the late 1950s, Wood married Robert Clarence McCleod Stevenson, professor at the University of Puerto Rico in Rio Piedras.

Daughter: Cynthia Tannehill Faulk Ryland (November 28th, 1943, Austin, TX.-January 11th, 2013, Elgin, TX.)

John Henry Faulk [August 21, 1913 – April 9, 1990] - radio host,
Lou Gordon [Louis H. Gordon, November 15, 1915, NYC-March 25, 2006]
   - Veteran Spanish Civil War, Abraham Lincoln Brigade; Labor
Robert Clarence McLeod Stephenson [R.C."Sing" Stephenson, San
   Francisco, CA.,May 6, 1893 - Austin TX., July 7, 1978] -
   teacher, Professor of English

ARCHIVAL Resources

Dolph Briscoe Center for American History,
The University of Texas at Austin
HALLY WOOD Papers 1918-1990
HALLY WOOD Oral History, 1985

The Smithsonian Ralph Rinzler Folklife Archives acquired the Woody Guthrie Papers in 1987
1956 Letters from Woody Guthrie to Hally Wood

Indiana University Archives, Bloomington, IN
Title: Richard A. Reuss papers, 1888-1986 (Bulk: 1927-1973)
Collection No.: C6
Hally Wood Stephenson, 1969

Woody Guthrie Center, Tulsa Oklahoma

Joe Klein Interviews Collection, 1976-1979
B6 2000-38.98
Hally Wood 1/2 1978-06-08
B6 2000-38.98
Hally Wood 2/2 1978-06-08
B6 2000-38.99
Hally Wood and Camilla Horne no date

Harold Leventhal Collection
Box 3 Folder 034 "3 Saturdays for Children" concert flier.
Undated flier for show at Town Hall with Woody Guthrie, Betty Sanders, and Hally Wood


Mary Hamilton

0.7742 - MARY HAMILTON (5)

Sing Out song index
Burns And His Highland Mary v.19#5 ... p.1   Hally Wood
East Virginia Blues          v.13#5 ... p.16 Hally Wood
The Little Carpenter         v.14#6 ... p.41 Hally Wood / Jim Howard
Locks and Bolts             v.18#2 ... p.43 Hally Wood Stephenson
St. James Hospital          v.8#1 ... p.14 Hally Wood


February 19?? Oscar Brand's Folksong Festival - Program 11 in American Music Festival          WNYC Archive 5816
Washington Heights YM/YWHA (NYC)
Josh White, Pete Seeger, Hally Wood, Frank Warner, Joe Jaffe. Josh White is mentioned but does not sing.
Songs: Old Joe Clark; Logger Song; Ox Drivers Song; The McDougal Street Follies; Come All Yea Far and Tender Ladies; Red Apple Juice; Untitled; Untitled song about sailors; Blue Mountain Lake; East Virginia; Black Eyed Suzie

MAY 1944, NYC - for The British Broadcasting Company[BBC]
ROUNDER CD 1819    THE MARTINS AND THE COYS                           CD 2001
Produced by Alan Lomax
"This ballad opera finds the legendary mountain families setting aside their differences to defeat Hitler during World War II. A once-in-a-lifetime cast features Will Geer, Woody Guthrie, Burl Ives, Lily May Ledford, Pete Seeger, Fiddlin' Arthur Smith, and Hally Wood."

13. On Top Of Old Smoky - Pete Seeger, Hally Wood
19. Red Rocking Chair - Pete Seeger, Hally Wood
25. The Turtledove - Burl Ives, Hally Wood

recorded 1943-1946
Smithsonian Folkways FW02010                   CD-r
B1 Lonesome Traveler (Lee Hays, Pete Seeger, Dock Reese, HALLY WOOD, Bess Lomax, Butch Hawes) (D579)

CIO-PAC xxx SONGS FOR POLITICAL ACTION 3-10" 78rpm September 1946
Produced by PEOPLE'S SONGS Inc., NYC
advert PEOPLE'S SONGS BULLETIN, Vol.1, No.9, October 1946
BEAR FAMILY BCD 15720    SONGS FOR POLITICAL ACTION                         10-CD box, book 1996
Tom Glazer, Pete Seeger, Lee Hays, Hally Wood Faulk

X-1 Voting union / Pete Seeger, lead vocal, banjo;    15720(7.4)
    Get out the vote / Tom Glazer, lead vocal          15720(7.5)
x-2 A dollar ain't a dollar anymore/Tom Glazer, lead vocal 15720(7.6)
x-3 A dollar for P.A.C./Pete Seeger, lead vocal, banjo 15720(7.7)
x-4 Oh, what Congress done to me; Four P.A.C. nursery rhymes
x-5 DDT / Lee Hays, vocals;                BEAR FAMILY 15720(7.10)
    Fare ye well, bad Congressman          BEAR FAMILY 15720(7.11)
       Hally Faulk, Lee Hays, and Tom Glazer, vocals --   
x-6 No, no, no discrimination / Lee Hays, vocals ;    15720(7.12)
    Voter, oh voter / Tom Glazer, lead vocal, guitar. 15720(7.13)

"When the first People' Songs Bulletin was published early in 1945, HALLY WOOD was still living down in Austin, Texas. The daughter of an Army doctor, she had been to Hawaii and the Philippines before the age of 13, at which time she settled in Texas. Between sick-calls and handing out headache capsules, her father was a versatile musician, who taught Hally songs and how to play them on organ, piano and guitar. Later, while collecting Negro folklore in Texas with her husband, Hally learned spirituals and blues which now make up a good part of her repertoire. Since her arrival in New York a few months ago, she has sung at rallies and meetings, at Hooetnannies and folk-music concerts."

December 10, 1946
ASCH set 370 ROLL THE UNION ON [Asch 301-303]                      3-10" 78rpm 1946
SMITHSONIAN FOLKWAYS 40021 That's Why We're Marching:
WWII and the American Folk Song Movement      CD (Rel.02/20/1996)
NAXOS 8.120737
PETE SEEGER If I Had A Hammer 1944-1950             CD 2004

D583 301A LISTEN MR. BILBO(Bob Claiborne, Adrienne Claiborne)         8.120737(7)
             Hally Wood, Lee Hays, Lou Kleinman, Dock Reese
D579 301B THIS OLD WORLD(Lee Hays)
D584 302A ROLL THE UNION ON(Lee Hays, Claude Williams)                BCD 15720(7.1) 8.120737(8)
             sung by Pete Seeger, Lee Hays, Hally Wood, Butch Hawes, Lou Kleinman, Dock Reese
D578 302B PUT IT ON THE GROUND(Bill Wolff and Ray Glaser)
D580 303A I'M A-LOOKING FOR A HOME(Bernie Asbel, Tom Glazer, Alan Lomax and the Priority Ramblers)
             sung by Pete Seeger, Hally Wood, Butch Hawes, Lee Hays, Lou Kleinman, Dock Reese
D580 alt   LOOKING FOR A HOME                                          SFW 40021(24) acetate #816
             Pete Seeger, vocal, banjo; Butch Hawes, vocal, guitar; Lee Hays, Doc Reese, Hally Wood, vocals
D581 303B THE RANKIN TREE(Lee Hays and Walter Lowenfels)
previously unissued:
xxxx       JOE HILL                                                    BCD 15720(7.2)
             Butch Hawes, Hally Wood, Lee Hays, Lou Kleiman, Dock Reese

1947, NYC
National Maritime Union - CIO filmstrip: BECAUSE ALL MEN ARE BROTHERS         filmstrip LOST
Reissued from audio acetates in Pete and Toshi Seeger's collection
BEAR FAMILY BCD 15720    SONGS FOR POLITICAL ACTION                10-CD box, book 1996
Pete Seeger, Tom Glazer, Hally Wood Faulk, Ronnie Gilbert
7.14. Intro & Commonwealth Of Toil
7.15. We've Got Our Eyes On You
7.16. Talking Union
7.17. The Preacher And The Slave
7.18. Which Side Are You On
7.19. Solidarity Forever
7.20. The Whole Wide World Around
7.21. Hold The Fort; Conclusion

MARCH 10, 1947 CBS radio "HOOTENANNY"
Pete Seeger, Sonny Terry, Woody Guthrie, Eddie Smith, Brownie McGhee, Hally Wood,
Sidney Bechet, Pops Foster, Cisco Houston and the Coleman Brothers
John Faulk, host. Written and produced by Alan Lomax
RADIOLA MR 1133 Folk Music Radio                                 LP 1982
A4 Turtle Dove
xx Summertime
Hally is part of the chorus on other songs.

RADIO: 1948-04-18 WNYC Folksong Festival, Oscar Brand.   30min          WNYC Archive 24818
Pete Seeger, Hally Wood, Folksay Group.

early 1950's [TONY SCHWARTZ recordings, Library of Congress shelf number RXG 053]
recorded before audience
1. The Young Man Who Wouldn't Raise Corn 1:18 – Jean Ritchie and Hally Wood, vocals, unidentified, guitar
2. One Morning In May 2:06 – Jean Ritchie and Hally Wood, vocals, unidentified, guitar
3. I Wonder When I Shall Be Married 1:45 (10:30) – JR & HW, unaccompanied

early 1950's [info from Jon Pickow via Jeff Warner]
6 song demo tape - early 1950's   [possibly for KAPP records ??]
"Frank Warner, Hally Wood, Jean Ritchie, Phil Raigule."
"George Pickow recorded it at the Warner's apartment on 7th Ave. South back in the early 50's. (They moved out to Port.Washington. around '55, so it had to have been before that.)"
Keep Your Hand on that Plow
Who's Going to Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot
Shortnin' Bread
A Railroader for Me
Red Apple Juice
The Nightingale
a copy of this tape at the Library of Congress has shelf number RXG 054

1951 BOOK:
DOERFLINGER, William Main: Shantymen and shantyboys : songs of the sailor and lumberman
New York : Macmillan, 1951.   xxiii, 374 p. : ports., ill. ; 27 cm.
Music editors: Samuel P. Bayard, Hally Wood and Joseph Wood.

ELEKTRA EKL 10 (JH 514 A/B) O' Lovely Appearance of Death    10"-LP November 1953 text booklet
   review: Journal of the International Folk Music Council, Vol. 10, 1958 (1958), pp. 116-117
Production: Jac Holzman and Kenneth S Goldstein
ELEKTRA EKL 9001 The Folk Box                                  4-LP 1964
Edited by Robert Shelton

A1 House of the Rising Sun         EKL 9001(F6/3B6)
A2 When I Was a Young Girl
A3 Pretty Saro
A4 Burns and his Highland Mary
A5 O Lovely Appearance of Death
B1 Death Come Creeping
B2 Pretty Polly
B3 Locks and Bolts
B4 My Dearest Dear
B5 King's Highway
B6 O Daddy Be Gay

1953 BOOK:
A GARLAND OF MOUNTAIN SONG-songs from the repertoire of the Ritchie family of Viper, Kentucky.
Edited with notes by Jean Ritchie; piano accompaniment by Hally Wood Gordon;
Foreword by Alan Lomax
Philip J. Thomas Popular Song Collection.
New York, Broadcast Music Inc. [1953]   69 pages illustrations

Love is teasin' -- If I were a blackbird -- Black is the color of my true love's hair -- Aunt Sal's song -- The little devils -- Skin and bones -- Old Tyler -- Gentle fair Jenny -- Nottamun Town -- Old King Cole -- Jenny put your kettle on -- Old Betty Larkin -- Goin' to Boston -- Will, the weaver -- Old Virginny -- The drowsy sleeper -- Little Cory -- Jenny get around -- Barb'ry Ellen -- Joe Bowers -- Hiram Hubbard -- Christ was born in Bethlehem -- May carol -- Guide me, O Thou great Jehovah

STINSON SLP-12 Folksay Vol V                  10" LP 195x
STINSON SLPX-12 Folksay Vol V & VI          12" LP 1962
Notes by Kenneth S. Goldstein and texts
COLLECTABLES COL-CD 5601 American Folksay: Ballads and Dances,
    Vol. 5 & 6 / Chain Gang, Vol. 1 & 2             CD 1995

A5 Johnson Boys (acc.bjo)                   SLPX-12(A6) COL5601(6)
B2 Come All You Fair and Tender Ladies       SLPX-12(A1) COL5601(1)

STINSON SLP #73   HALLY WOOD sings Texas Folk Songs    10"-LP 1955
                (with guitar and banjo accompaniments)
review: High Fidelity Nov.1955
       New Mexico Quarterly XXVI, No.1 SPRING 1956
liner notes: Hally Wood
A1 Sugar Babe
A2 Oh Freedom
A3 Worried Blues
A4 When I Was Single
A5 Believe I'll Call the Captain
A6 Farther Along
A7 St. James Hospital
B1 Courting Case
B2 Come and Go With Me
B3 Love Henry
B4 Amazing Grace
B5 Santa Claus Blues
B6 Red Apple Juice
B7 Glory Hallelujah.

"Here are some of the best Negro and white folksongs from the Lone Star state sung by one of America's finest female folksingers."


EPIC(Columbia)    LN/LC 3391    GOIN' DOWN TO TOWN (1957)
       Billboard Oct 28, 1957 Special Merit Folk Album
PERFECT(Epic)      PL   12015    FOLK SONGS Billboard Apr 4, 1960
HARMONY(Columbia) HL    7307    HOOTENANNY    c.1963-64; JAF 1965

track listings (x = not included)
                                          EPIC   PERFECT   HARMONY
Stew ball                                  A1       A1       A1
Bone dry                                  A2       A2       A2
Who's gonna shoe your pretty little foot? A3       A3       A4
I wish I was single again                  A4       A4       A5
Michael, row the boat ashore               A5       A5       A3
Greenland                                  A6       A6         x
Born ten thousand years ago                A7       x         x

Midnight special                           B1       B1       A6
Around the Bay of Mexico                   B2       B2       B1
Jenny Jenkins                              B3       B3       B2
I'm goin' down to town                     B4       B4       B3
Come and go with me                        B5       B5       B4
The crawdad song                           B6       B6       B5
Railroad, Steamboat, River, and Canal      B7       x       B6
(Two In The Middle).

                         Folk Song America       4-CD 1994
A1 Come and Go with Me to That Land
A8 Old Man, Will Your Dog Catch a Rabbit 1:29         10402(2.18)


RADIO WNYC February 10, 1959 AMERICAN MUSIC FESTIVAL Oscar Brand    WNYC Archive 13470
Cooper Union Great Hall
August 7, 1983 rebroadcast
Hally Wood; Andrew Rowan Summers, The Shanty Boys (Roger Sprung, Mike Cohen, Lionel Kilberg), Pete Seeger.
Group - New York Gals
Hally Wood & Shanty Boys - Free Little Bird
Hally Wood - unidentified song
Hally Wood - Leadbelly song
Andrew Rowan Summers - Ballad of Mary Hamilton
Andrew Rowan Summers - The Farmer's Cursed Wife
Pete Seeger - 8th of January
Pete Seeger - Oh Had I A Golden Thread
Conclusion of AMF Concert.

These recordings are also listed as:
RADIO WNYC February 10, 1959 FOLKSONG FESTIVAL    WNYC Archive 13447
RADIO WNYC February, 1959   FOLKSONG FESTIVAL      WNYC Archive 13487

1959 BOOK:
Leadbelly: a collection of world-famous songs
edited by John A. Lomax and Alan Lomax ; Hally Wood, music editor ;
special note on Leadbelly's 12-string guitar by Pete Seeger.
New York, Folkways Music Publishers, c1959

Revised and Augmented Edition
The Leadbelly Legend: A Collection of World-Famous Songs By Huddie Ledbetter
New York, TRO Folkways Music [1965]

FOLKWAYS FW03805 The Unfortunate Rake - Various Artists   LP 1960
A6 One Morning in May         Hally Wood

April 1960, Rio Pedras, Puerto Rico
In the spring of 1960, on a brief vacation to Puerto Rico, Alan Lomax paid a visit to Texas folksinger and longtime friend, Hally Wood, who was living in Rio Piedras with her then husband, Professor R. C. Stephenson. In one day they recorded 29 songs, most of them performed by Hally Wood, a few by Alan and Hally together, and a few with Bernice Prentice who played the quills.

1 Bye 'n' Bye
2 Cuckoo (She's A Pretty Bird)
3 Duma Yerry
4 Fair Ellender
5 Farewell To The Rock
6 Give Me The Gourd (Reg'lar, Reg'lar, Rollin' Under)
7 Hands Go Round (Jing Jang)
8 I Rock 'Em A Mona
9 Kitty Alone
10 Kitty Katy
11 Me Coco Roco
12 No More Rain Fall
13 O Emma
14 Pinky
15 Poor Rosie
16 Rock Me Julie
17 Round The Corn, Sally
18 Sabbath Has No End
19 Sangaree
20 Shock Along John
21 Tiger
22 Unidentified corn-shucking song
23 Waitin' For Rain (I)
24 Waitin' For Rain (II)
25 Way Down In The Cotton Field
Copyright 2005, Alan Lomax Archive & The Association for Cultural Equity

1964 BOOK:
The New Lost City Ramblers song book.
Edited by John Cohen and Mike Seeger; Musical transcriptions by Hally Wood
New York, Oak Publications [©1964] 256 p. illus. 26 cm.
With autoharp, banjo, fiddle, guitar or mandolin acc.

republished as: Old Time String Band Songbook
Hally Wood Stephenson
New York, Oak Publications 1976 240p.
Music Sales America, 2010

1967, Puerto Rico [Henrietta Yurchenko collection, American Folklife Center(AFC), Library of Congress]
interviews with Anna Marcana of Certenejas (Hally Wood, interviewer)

1972 BOOK:
Woody Guthrie, Millard Lampell and Hally Wood.
A tribute to Woody Guthrie [as performed at Carnegie Hall 1968/Hollywod Bowl 1970]
Songs and words by Woody Guthrie.
Woven into a script by Millard Lampell.
Music edited and transcribed by Hally Wood.
New York: TRO/Ludlow Music, 1972. Paperback 72p.
New York: Woody Guthrie Publications, Inc., 1972. Large Softcover.

1977 BOOK:
101 Woody Guthrie Songs including Bound for Glory
Lead sheet transcriptions: Hally Wood
Editor: Judy Bell
Ludlow Music 192p.

TANNEHILL Records Inc. (Houston, TX) HW-101 SONGS TO LIVE BY
                                           12"-LP 1980 [booklet]
Hally Wood with Frank Davis, Cynthia Tannehill Faulk Ryland, A.C. Fairbands, and the Ryland family (Patricia Louise, Robert Cyrus, Jesse Tannehill).
[some of these recorded by Sandy Paton for Folk-Legacy]
A1 What Month 1:10
A2 Chooldy 0:29 Hally Wood, Tanne Faulk Ryland & grandchildren
A3 Sea Lion Woman 0:28
A4 Shortening Bread 0:48
A5 Heap of Little Ponies 1:30
A6 Go To Sleep 1:20
A7 Heap of Little Ponies 1:20 Tanne Faulk Ryland
A8 Hush Little Baby 0:58
A9 Fox A Goose A Gander 0:35
A10 Pretty Fair Miss 2:09 Hally Wood, A.C. Fairbanks
A11 East Virginia 3:29 Frank Davis
A12 Black Cat 0:40
A13 Another Man 1:23
A14 Ellen Smith 1:28
A15 Bowling Green 1:28 Hally Wood, A.C. Fairbanks
A16 Poor Howard 1:43
A17 No Room At The Inn 0:53
B1 Don't You Want To Go 1:15
B2 Old Man 1:00
B3 Old Man 2:29 Frank Davis
B4 Child 173 Four Maries 4:16
B5 Little Birdies 2:22
B6 One Dollar Bill 0:35
B7 I'm Riding In A Buggy 0:50
B8 Worried Blues 2:02
B9 Wild Ox Moan 1:53
B10 Boll Weevil 1:00
B11 Pretty Polly 2:10 Hally Wood, A.C. Fairbanks
B12 Soon One Morning 1:30
B13 The Boys In This Country 0:22

December 1, 1984 Shreveport, LA LEADBELLY MEMORIAL, Oscar Brand
                                                WNYC Archive 13471
Brownie McGhee, Sonny Terry, Hally Wood, Peter Seeger.
    Brownie McGee/Sonny Terry
    Halley Wood - original American ballad
    Sonny Terry - Easy Rider
    Joe Lomax - I'm All Out and Down
    Lou Wells - Stormy Monday
    Elise Wit/Beth Heidleberg - O'l Cotton Fields Back Home
    Elise Wit/Beth Heidleberg - Another Man Done Gone
    Sonny Terry - Midnight Special
    Red River Revels - Walk on
    Group sing - Good night Irene

April 12, 1985 Round Top, Texas
HALLY WOOD Oral History, 1985
Recorded in Round Top, Texas, on April 12, 1985, the Hally Wood Oral History comprises one audiocassette with an interview of Wood about her life and career as a folk musician as well as her work with Alan and John Lomax. The tape also includes musical recordings of Wood, Stan Alexander, and another unidentified musician

September 29, 2009 Hally Wood Tribute 3:00-9:00 PM
The Living Room, 154 Ludlow St., NYC 10002
Oscar Brand, Anna Lomax, Joe Hickerson, John Cohen, Robin Roberts, Frank Davis, Jean Ritchie, George Pickow, and Cynthia Faulk Ryland (Hally's daughter).
Program coordinated by James Mason.