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Posted By: punkfolkrocker
16-Apr-16 - 12:10 PM
Thread Name: Guitar tuning DAGDAD
Subject: RE: Guitar tuning DAGDAD
10 to 15 years ago when I had more time and enthusiasm I experimented with all sorts of random tunings and string configurations..

[it helps if you own more guitars than is sensible...]

The results could be very positively interesting and musically satisfying,
opening up surprising directions for riffs and chordal drones that could be quite inspiring.....

Often ignorance of musical theory and the foundations & conventions/authodoxies set in stone by previous players
can be a wonderful source of individual creativity... 😜

If it sounds good, record and mix it into the track !!!

Some particular guitars were better platforms for experimentation than other..

Eg a well made weird looking Korean Heavy Metal 6 string bass equipped with active electronics....

Maybe one day I might find my scraps of paper with the tunings written down...???