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Posted By: Thomas Stern
02-May-16 - 09:15 AM
Thread Name: Shuffle Along - Sissle & Blake
Subject: Shuffle Along - Sissle & Blake
This historic and pioneering show is again on Broadway - lots of reviews and profiles, newsclips etc. on youtube
Cheers, Thomas.

The LIBRETTO is available:
Shuffle Along: The 1921 Broadway Musical: Complete Libretto (Historical Libretto Series )
Paperback: 58 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (July 25, 2015)

Also a just released CD from HARBINGER containing parts of a 1950 demo recording for a proposed revival, plus recordings
of Eubie Blake and others from the LP's issued by EUBIE BLAKE MUSIC.

TWO other important LP incarnations:

1976 NEW WORLD 260 SHUFFLE ALONG an archival re-creation of the 1921 production, featuring members of the original cast.
unfortunately not transferred to CD - perhaps the Broadway revival will stimulate that!

1. Bandana Days; I'm Just Wild About Harry - EUBIE BLAKE (1921-Victor 18791 B)
2. In Honeysuckle Time - NOBLE SISSLE (1921-Emerson 10385 / Recorded as "Leonard Graham and His Jazz Band)
3. Love Will Find A Way - NOBLE SISSLE/EUBIE BLAKE (1921-Emerson 10396)
4. Bandana Days - NOBLE SISSLE/EUBIE BLAKE (1921-Paramount 12002-B)
5. Daddy, Won't You Please Come Home - GERTRUDE SAUNDERS /TIM BRYMM (1921-Okeh 8004)
6. Baltimore Buzz; In Honeysuckle Time - EUBIE BLAKE, solo piano (1921-Emerson 10434)
7. Gypsy Blues - PAUL WHITEMAN & HIS ORCHESTRA (1921-Victor 18839)
SIDE TWO: 1. I'm Craving For That Kind Of Love - GERTRUDE SAUNDERS & TIM BRYMM (1921-Okeh 8004)
2. The Fight - Dialogue by FLOURNOY MILLER & AUBREY LYLES (1924-Okeh 40186)
3. Gee, I'm Glad I'm From Dixie - NOBLE SISSLE (1920-Pathe 20470)
4. Mirandy - NOBLE SISSLE and Lt. JIM EUROPE (1919-Pathe 22089)
5. How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On The Farm - NOBLE SISSLE & Lt. JIM EUROPE (1919-Pathe 22080)
6. On Patrol In No Man's Land - NOBLE SISSLE & Lt. JIM EUROPE (1919-Pathe 22089)
7. Baltimore Buzz - NOBLE SISSLE (1921-Emerson 10385)

RCA Victor EPA 482 SHUFFLE ALONG                  7" 45rpm EP 1953
RCA Victor LPM 3154                               10"-LP   1953
Sony/Amazon/?? 96188                                 CD-R 2011
Blackbirds of 1928
1. I Can't Give You Anything But Love (From ''Blackbirds Of 1928'') Cab Calloway;Thelma Carpenter 2:18
2. Diga-Diga Doo (From ''Blackbirds Of 1928'') Cab Calloway;Thelma Carpenter 3:30
3. I Must Have That Man (From ''Blackbirds Of 1928'') Cab Calloway;Thelma Carpenter 3:35
4. Doin' The New Low-Down (From ''Blackbirds Of 1928'') Cab Calloway;Thelma Carpenter 3:05
5. Love Will Find A Way (From ''Shuffle Along'') Avon Long;Thelma Carpenter 3:26
6. I'm Just Wild About Harry (From ''Shuffle Along'') Avon Long;Thelma Carpenter 2:10
7. Bandana Days (From ''Shuffle Along'') Avon Long;Thelma Carpenter 2:00
8. Gypsy Blues (From ''Shuffle Along'') Avon Long;Thelma Carpenter 3:17
   Digital Booklet: Blackbirds Of 1928 / Shuffle Along

other bits and pieces are included in:
NEW WORLD CD   Black Manhattan V.2    - 2012 recording
The Eighty-six Years of Eubie Blake (Columbia C2S 847).
--This two-record album includes a Shuffle Along medley recorded by Sissle and Blake in early 1969.
Sissle & Blake. (Eubie Blake Music EBM-4).
Reissues of early Sissle and Blake recordings.
Eubie Blake—Volume I: Blues and Rags (Biograph BLP-1011Q).
Eubie Blake—Volume II: 1921 (Biograph BLP-1021Q).
--These two records include twenty-two of Eubie Blake's thirty known piano rolls.