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Posted By: Vic Smith
11-May-16 - 10:34 AM
Thread Name: right-wing 'folk'
Subject: RE: right-wing 'folk'
Mike Grosvenor Myer :-
my dear dead friend Peter Bellamy, who lasted somewhat more than 120 seconds on the Scene, innit!, have never made any secret of these views & tendencies...


I still maintain accordingly that Peter Bellamy & I can well be rubricated under the heading normally and conventionally designated by the thread title.

which leads to Matt Milton who was too young to know him writing:-

Not sure Peter Bellamy's really the best example of a Conservative or right-wing folksinger, for the simple reason that you could listen to and enjoy his complete recorded output and not necessarily draw any conclusions about his politics.

To me this is a good example of re-writing history by MGM blandly stating PB's politics and Matt not having met the man wondering if the content of Peter's songwriting is compatible with his politics.

Could I say to Matt that Peter was also "my dear dead friend" and to me he was very much his own man. He would not have lasted long in any political party because he was free-thinking, outspoken and forthright on many subjects and would not follow any party line. To me his major characteristic was that he was oppositional. In any discussion, he would wait for a consensus and then oppose the majority view - sometimes just for the hell of it. That meant that in the 60s and 70s he was often stating right-wing views in discussions where the prevailing tendency was of the left. He abhorred cant and dogma and wanted people to think for themselves. I reckon that is why he distinguished between the two leading communists of the scene at the time, Lloyd and MacColl having more time for one than the other. This did not prevent him being in awe of the power of MacColl's best lyrics.

I have seen it suggestions that Peter had some in his family who were activists in extreme right-wing organisations but I have never seen any convincing evidence of this.