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Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
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He called the limey bimbo.

She answered with "Yes?" and Chongx said, "When ya wanna make the connection? Your little pussycat at Renata's. How about if you get a cab and meet me at Murphy's on Cicero and we'll go see how she's doing? And another thing -- watch out cuz you might be being tailed."

"All right," she agreed and hung up.

Penelope dressed in slacks, trainers, and a not-very-high-end blouse. She moved the things in her handbag to a waist pouch, pulled her hair back and fastened it. No sense in making myself conspicuous, she thought.

When she got off the elevator ("the lift," as she thought of it) she saw what had to be a policeman talking with the young woman at the cigar stand. He didn't see her and she walked past him out the door and hailed a taxi.

"Do you now where a bar called 'Murphy's' is on Cicero?" she asked the driver.

"Yeah, but it's not a very high class place," he answered.

"I'd like to go there, please," she said and go into the cab.

"You're payin'," said the driver and off they went.

(There will be more! More excitement, more blood, more bullets, more gore. And was Hector Ballsworthy really one of...them?)