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Posted By: punkfolkrocker
14-Jun-16 - 02:11 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Multi-track
Subject: RE: Tech: Multi-track
N track ???

if it's the one I think it.. is not for many years [15 or more ????]

I did a music tech course 20 years ago when cubase was a midi only sequencer on macs with black and white monitors...

About 15 years ago I tried out most audio recording sequencers to get a feel for them..

eg, cubase, logic, cakewalk / sonar, and others I can't remember the names of...

[the innocent days of 'try before you buy' software release groups..}

All vastly too over priced, highly specced and brimming with bells n whistles for my minimalist needs..

Today, I'd use both Audacity and Reaper,
and maybe any of the free Lite versions of cubase, ableton, sonar.. bundled with affordable USB audio interfaces.