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Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
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The three moved quickly away, not so rapidly as to attract attention but quickly. Veronica was the first to notice Chongx's absence and she mentioned it to her aunt.

Penelope pointed to roof and then fire escape of a building across the street. A short, hairy figure in a fedora was swinging along, grasping whatever seemed handy. Once it stopped and looked back at them, then continued.

"Flank guard, I suppose," said Penelope.

They reached Cicero Avenue and Penelope flagged a cab. The figure on the rooftop waved goodbye and vanished.

"Omni, please, and hurry," Penelope told the driver. He shrugged and took off for the Loop.

Penelope sat back and looked at Veronica. "We'll talk, eventually," she said. "But first let's get you cleaned up, have a good dinner, and a sound night's sleep."

At the hotel they went immediately to Penelope's room and once inside Veronica flopped into one of the easy chairs and began to sob. Penelope said nothing, knowing that the sobs were a reaction to recent events. Finally, the crying stopped and Veronica said, "I think I'd like to take a long, hot shower."

"Help yourself," said Penelope, "the bath is in the room to the left. There are two beds in the bedroom of this suite, one of them is yours. You'll find some nice, fluffy, bathrobes in the closet in the bathroom. And Veronica...if you need a sleeping aid I have some."

"Thank you, Aunt Penelope," replied Veronica sincerely.

(Let them sleep. Chongx is in deep trouble.)