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Posted By: GUEST,Phil d'Conch
15-Jun-16 - 09:50 PM
Thread Name: Harry Belafonte - Zombie Jamboree
Subject: RE: Harry Belafonte - Zombie Jamboree
Found this thread searching for my old C.E. Mauge, Jr post for the 'other' zombie thread just bumped: here

Les: Now it appears that at least some believe Lord Invader was a living breathing person. Who can clear up this mystery ??

As for this song title, it wasn't Lord Invader but rather Winston "Lord Intruder" O'Conner of Tobago.

The problem comes in documenting just what he wrote and when. The story tends to change with the telling and the teller. None of the sources given are retrievable at present but that's not unusual for Caribbean music. There are entire label catalogs still MIA. Expect the story to change again when/if they are located.

In the meanwhile the 1956 C.E. Mauge, Jr. - New York, Woodlawn Cemetary version, is still the only narrative with a matching copyright and discography. I have several copies in my own collection, all with validated release dates. I can vouch that several other tracks on the LPs are derivative (to say the least.) This one almost certainly is as well.