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Posted By: Bee-dubya-ell
23-Jun-16 - 10:27 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
The Poop-Flingers Ball

Two baboons from old Senegal
A gorilla, a chimp, and an orangutan all
Met up together at the old town hall
For the forty-fifth annual Poop-Flingers Ball

Now, the reason they met at the Poop-Flingers Ball
Was to fling their poop against the wall
To see whose poop would stick the best
And whose just wouldn't pass the test

Well, the first to fling was those two baboons
They'd trained by eating lots of prunes
But it made their poop so thin and runny
It would not stick for love or money

The next one up was that old gorilla
He'd eaten bananas, his poop was yellow
He flung a turd at the bathroom door
But it fell right down upon the floor

And then came the orangutan
He flung his poop at the ceiling fan
Which slung it out to all four walls
But it ran right off and didn't stick at all

The last to fling was the chimpanzee
And his poop stuck! it would not come free!
And the reason why, I'll tell you true
Is he'd mixed his poop with super glue

When the other apes learned the chimp had cheated
They grew irate, their tempers heated
And they began to scream and bellow
And fling their poop at that cheating fellow

They were so angry and so sore
They chased him out the kitchen door
Hollering, "Go away and don't come back!
You are no longer welcome, Jack!"

So, the moral of this painful story
This shameful, sordid allegory
Is "Do not cheat, always be true,
And don't mix your poop with super glue."