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Posted By: cnd
03-Jul-16 - 10:44 AM
Thread Name: Lyr ADD: Rutabaga Boogie
Subject: RE: Lyr ADD Rutabaga Boogie
Written by either Stavro Arrgolus or Paul Shelasky and his Musical Zombies SOURCE 1 SOURCE 2

Well, I don't like spinach as a gen'ral rule
There's one little veggie makes me blow my cool
It's not like turnip or a summer squash
The old rutabaga from the rutabaga bush

Do the rutabaga boogie, do it all the time
With a fresh rutabaga pulled right off the vine
Do the rutabaga boogie, come and dance with me
With a fresh rutabaga pulled right off the tree

I like rutabaga hot dogs and rutabaga stew
Rutabaga cornflakes and wonton too
Rutabaga borscht and rutabaga cake (or tofu and steak)
Rutabaga french fries, mm, they're a kick (or rutabaga minced is a layer cake)

I have rutabaga skins for the clothes I wear
Rutabaga extract to wash my hair
Rutabaga vapors instead of gas
Rutabaga paper to wipe my nose

[skipped by A Touch of Grass, done by Good Ol' Persons]
Well, I built my car out of rutabaga steel
Rutabaga hubcaps in ev'ry wheel
Rutabaga tires and rutabaga treads
Rutabagas growin' in the cylinder heads

Well, a rutabaga hat and a rutabaga tie
Shut my pants with a rutabaga fly
Rutabaga patches all over my knees
Rutabaga jock strap, bee bee dees