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Posted By: Helen
07-Jul-16 - 03:55 PM
Thread Name: Music volume and age
Subject: RE: Music volume and age
Hi Ed,

I think that loud music which is not properly balanced or mixed has a lot of distracting sounds, and younger ears can focus on the important bits while "ignoring" the irrelevant sounds.

Older ears are probably more like the sound pick-up in hearing aids. Every sound e.g. traffic noise, expresso machine noise, loud nearby chatter, etc is picked up and it is harder to isolate only the part that you are interested in.

That's my (61 year old) opinion, but then again, I never really did like my music turned up loud. I put up with it if I am watching a band I really like but I listen to the CD's at a volume which makes it easy for me to hear how the music is all put together, the instruments, the arrangements, the melodies, accompaniment and harmonies etc.

I do like a lot of different styles of music, including rock, punk (The Pogues is my current favourite), folk, classical, electronica (especially Leftfield), world music, blues, jazz, swing. You name the music style and I probably have listened to it or have a CD or two which I listen to on a regular basis.

But I listen to all of my music in a holistic way, and very loud music makes that difficult.