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Posted By: gnu
15-Jul-16 - 07:15 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Cousin Claire posted a pic of her roses on FB. I clicked like. I got a BTW, did you know or see it in the Saturday newspaper?, PM. Her husband has shut down his practice. I have a new doc. I asked Mr. Google. He just graduated. I went to his new office to check it out. Closed (Friday eh?). Two names on the door with a torn off label in between. My appointment is on the 8 at 9AM. The first appointment that Gloria (I will miss her) could book for me some three months ago. Now, the 1 is a holiday. So... could it be that I have the very first appointment with this pup?

In any case, should I dress in my usual jeans and undershirt/white dress shirt combo avec red Budweiser cap? Or should I go full bore with the three piece blue pinstripe avec red silk poof (pouf?) in the breast pocket and the 100+year railroad pocket watch that olddude gave me hanging on a gold chain in my vest pocket? Should I greet with, "Good morning, sir. Very pleased to meet you. I look forward to having you help me with my health and well being in the coming years?" Or should I say, "I assume you have read my file. What the fuck is the hold up on the ENT and colonoscopy referrals? Can I get some fuckin customer service here fer Chrissake?!"

I think I may go with the suit.