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Posted By: leeneia
18-Jul-16 - 09:28 AM
Thread Name: Chord Req: Short Jacket and White Trousers
Subject: RE: Chord Req: Short Jacket and White Trousers
No, I don't believe that will help. The version Shirley Collins sings is a minor tune, like the version Dave Hanson mentions above.

Here's what I can do. The site has a version of the tune you like, but it's high. (Good for flute, fiddle or whistle, tho.) I've downloaded the tune to my MIDI program and tried out some chords. Here they are, as done in the book 'Rise Up Singing.'

pu or PU = pick-up note. easy on the chords

/ indicates the beginning or end of a measure

- means repeat the previous chord.

one-beat pu note on "Short"


/Dm---/C--PU/C-G-/C---/Am---/Am-C pu/


/C Dm C PU/AM--Em/Am--

This version is in the C/Am family. If it's too high to sing, try transposing to the G/Em family. I hope you enjoy your new song.