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Posted By: wysiwyg
23-Jan-01 - 02:41 AM
Thread Name: BS: In The Movie Of Your Life...
Subject: RE: BS: In The Movie Of Your Life...
I got Whoopi Goldberg! Yes!!! Triplets! I win!! I got Whoopi!!! (Dang I love that Bert!!! Sneaky!!!)

Diveristy at Mudcat is on the rise!!! LOL!!! What, Bert, Whoopi the nun or Whoopi the psychic or Whoopi as Guinan or in The Color Purple? Or my luck, the maid in the Long Walk Home...

Hmmm, Sugar Dog already posted her stunt double, a link to a picture. Whoopi wouldda made a damn fine Sugar Dog. OK, Whoopi as Sugar Dog, but just her voice!!! cartoon!

Spaw, I think Karen just has a thing for Gene Hackman. She gets to play herself, right?

Bert = Lurch the Butler, because Barney Fife is out of the question and much too short for me to smack around.

~Kathy Najimmy (Shelley is too flatchested to qualify)