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Posted By: Rumncoke
06-Aug-16 - 09:29 AM
Thread Name: BS: and now - layby rage
Subject: BS: and now - layby rage
So I parked my van at the end of a row of vans, nose to tail, and several van lengths in front was a small car.
Being considerate and it was late and pitch black. I had already dipped my lights and rather than drive in and reverse up to the first van, I pulled up and reversed, so as to cause the least disturbance. I turned off the lights, but before I could get the key out of the ignition, there was an almost naked man out of the driver's door and screaming at me for shining my headlights into his car.
He leaped back into his car and started the engine, then tried to run over me.
Unfortunately he could track me as I was holding a torch which requires a double click to turn it off, and he'd hit me by the time I'd done that. Fortunately I was already moving away to leap onto the grass, which is a good foot above the level of the tarmac and which reduced the impact considerably, though I am still sore.
Then perhaps someone else in the car advised him to drive away, before the police arrived.
He did not turn his lights on, so I could not see the number plate, so I did not bother the police.

I bet he's hell in the mornings, assuming he can find anyone who'd live with him.

It's just a pity he didn't pick on one of the lorry drivers who use that pull-in regularly, but that sort never do.