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Posted By: Senoufou
08-Aug-16 - 04:41 AM
Thread Name: BS: and now - layby rage
Subject: RE: BS: and now - layby rage
There's so much rage and aggression on the roads lately it seems to me. Fairly near my village they're in the throes of constructing a huge Distributor Road (most people think it's totally unnecessary, but that's another story) The result is that for several miles along the original, existing route, the speed limit is down to 30mph. It's to protect the men working alongside the traffic, and to protect passing motorists from heavy plant crossing the road. Every time I travel this way, there is always someone tailgating me. I do exactly 30mph as the law requires (there are huge speed-limit signs all along the way), but I'm hassled every time. Often, the beasts overtake me (highly dangerous manoeuvre) lights flashing and horn blaring. it's intimidating and quite frightening.
I've noticed that these drivers are usually in Beamers, Audis or Mercedes. I wonder why? (I drive a little Ford Fiesta and look old, so maybe they see that as 'doddery', but I always keep up to speed, I just don't exceed it!)
Glad he didn't do you worse damage Rumncoke. It sounds like a serious bruise, but nothing broken. It would have made me very nervous about driving at night in the future. You're being very brave and philosophical about it!