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Posted By: Senoufou
08-Aug-16 - 02:17 PM
Thread Name: BS: and now - layby rage
Subject: RE: BS: and now - layby rage
Oh leeneia, that's heartbreaking, the poor woman. How can people be so terribly cruel and evil?

You're right about trucking and prostitution being a worldwide problem. All over Africa truckers are quite accustomed to long-distance journeys of several weeks (roads are so badly surfaced and progress is very slow) When they stop for the night, women approach the lorries and offer services which include sex and also cooking the driver/s a meal on little charcoal stoves. The awful thing (apart from the exploitation, made easy through sheer poverty and need) is that HIV and other serious sexual diseases are freely passed on. The drivers then contaminate their wives/mothers of their children when they get home.

I believe that quite a large proportion of roadside soliciting in UK is by women with serious drug addictions.
The man with 'lay-by rage' had perhaps paid for his sordid pleasure and was furious at being interrupted. Nasty person.