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Posted By: Greg F.
10-Aug-16 - 05:19 PM
Thread Name: BS: Trump again
Subject: RE: BS: Trump again
... he actually approves of assassinating Hillary while still providing plausible deniability when others interpret it that way. Could he be that clever?

No, He's a moron - but his handlers - especially Roger Stone - ARE that clever and unprincipled.

For a presidential candidate to impliciitly invite it for an opponent is however a new departure, I believe.

Yup, that's The Trumpshit and his followers in spades. HEIL TRUMP!!! Brownshirts R Us.

Is it possible that remarks like these, which seem to be "off the cuff" ad libs, are actually carefully calculated and scripted?

Absolutely. The Trumpshit- although he's an absolute moron and a crook into the bargain - is well aware of what he says.

This is a man who described his "romantic escapades" (i.e. indiscriminate rutting)in the 1980's as his "personal Vietnam" because he put himself at risk of sexually transmitted diseases. He stated that this made him feel "like a great and very brave soldier". (see Howard Stern interview). He's a real 14 karat piece of shit.

Of course, the entire Republican Party has been doing this to Hillary since 1992

Not just Hillary, Joe - ALL women.