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02-Sep-16 - 06:45 PM
Thread Name: Anyone here had to recite?
Subject: RE: Anyone here had to recite?
an anonymous brow beaten, clubbed, denigrated, emasculated, fiend fashioned, geeky homeboy, ill lust traded, jabbering, kooky, liberal minded nonestablishmentarian:

America boastfulness? capitalistic depravity? egoistic fanaticism? glorified hucksterism? indomitable gerrymandering?
and the list goes on...tracing and bending backward in time when might equaled right, and those debonair, powered/ pomaded hair, leer ring kings of leon drove a stake into the heart of innocence and purity, when ruthless, selfish, and treachery wrenched indigenous occupants of these lands,


Touchdown for Colin Kaepernick

noah rant, rave or rabid byte zing
er, from yet another web cruiser
   so, i haint another B52, 747, nor boo wing
brouhaha against your choice against salute ting
the Stars and Stripes, where many
   online patriot game watchers wanna swing
you with a sucker punch or pistol whip ya over the head
   until each ear doth ring
heard all the way back to reign of the Qing
Dynasty, where ye might be revered
   cuz ja got tackled as a traitor with endless har ping
from many another maniacal mechanical motormouth
   from a New Yawk borough, or the enclave of Ossining
freely tossing in their two sense like nattering
nabobs of negativity from....across the states mandating
   FREE EXPRESSION - non verbal or otherwise)
   once the storied, paraded, mollycoddled dar ling
now ardent fans fanatically go berserk and rogue
   with raucous, obnoxious and libelous king
   size bully tactics demanding
   you plant right hand over left breast
   (and play by the unspoken rules of JINGOISM)
   i.e. unquestioned obeisance toupee hair raising homage
   like discordant jangling
which personal preference suddenly dominate ing
jamming mass media communication -
   with billions of dollars riding buckshot revering Old Glory,
    newscasters getting a run for their money to the end zone
unsolicited absolute horror at such blatant traitorous actions
   when such a decorated, gussied, kickstarter undeserving
to be held in high esteem, BUT I APPLAUD self expression
   (and if in the klieg lights, i would act likewise) giving
thee nonestablishmentarian stance of mine a forwarding
pass, that got hurled around the globe exploding
wrathful gripes sullying America especially during
a poignant moment to such bonobo monkeys that cling
for dear life to false sense of grandeur AND exploitation bing
blithe to the turf wars imposed by fore fathers long since aging
   in mausoleums, who did rent asunder plunder, pillage and rape
   under the aegis of imperialism.