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Posted By: harpgirl
08-Sep-16 - 12:29 PM
Thread Name: What's the weather like where you are?
Subject: RE: What's the weather like where you are?
thanks for your concern, Maeve. Neither my dad's duplex nor my home were damaged but my street looks like a bowling ball went down it mowing down trees. The power lines are buried in my subdivision but on the street into it, lines were down for several days. Our power went out on Thursday night at 11 and came back at dad's on Sunday at 5:30pm. I cooked on a camp stove on the patio and put the food we could save into coolers to keep. On Saturday night I borrowed a generator from my awesome neighbors and ran it Sunday so dad would have a light, a TV, and a fan. The first two days weren't too bad but it got hot on Sunday and it was uncomfortable.

The damage in Tallahassee was pretty extensive. I don't know if it was worse than Kate but the trees are all thirty yers older so they are bigger when they come down. At least five homes on my street at the front entrance had damage to the roofs.

I am still cleaning up debris in my own yard and have at least three more hours to work. I have twenty five or so trees on my little lot and they make a big mess.

Most people have power restored but Barry Sager, Dr. Sound has a hole in his condo roof and no power yet, today. He woke up at three am, walked into his living room, stepped back and his ceiling collapsed. He had to junk his keyboard and a few other living room items. Poor Barry.

About 9k still without power. We had crews from all over the south and lots of controversy because Gov. Voldemort (Rick Scott) criticized the mayor Andrew Gillum for the time it took to get power restored. It was two weeks during Kate so this was a whole lot faster. Everyone thinks Voldemort is an idiot, liar, thief, criminal, etc. At least among my friends!

The oldsters in the big buildings at Westminster had little power from the generators and no air conditioning so they suffered a lot. The food was boxed and Westminster didn't do anything to check on the independents who after all, rent homes from them. That is why I don't want dad in the nursing home section and I am trying to keep him in his independent living duplex.

The stores were all closed and had to throw out all the perishable food in their coolers. On the bright side, all our refrigerators are cleaned out!

I hope this is my last Florida hurricane, I can tell you that. When dad dies I will be free to love wherever I want. Taking suggestions!

And I have a babysitter for dad today and I am going kayaking!