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Posted By: Speedwell
09-Sep-16 - 12:31 PM
Thread Name: Why not sing a Bellamy song?
Subject: RE: Why not sing a Bellamy song?
Thanks to all of you who have posted and coloured in a bit more my mental map of Mr. Bellamy.
Thanx for the heads up re The Widow's Uniform Igc. Looks like a difficult cd to buy - not easily available. Will try The Living Tradition. Saw Ric Sanders at a local gig a couple of years back playing with Fairport and chatted after the gig - very friendly guy.
If you haven't already found them I got these from the massively helpful Mainly Norfolk site Georgiansilver:

Peter Bellamy and Louis Killen sing The Shepherd of the Downs

A shepherd of the downs being weary of his port
Retired to the hills where he used to resort.
In want of refreshment he laid himself down,
𝄆 He wanted no riches nor wealth from the Crown. 𝄇

He drank of the cold brook, he ate of the tree,
Himself he did enjoy, from all sorrow was free,
He valued no girl be she ever so fair,
𝄆 No pride nor ambition, he valued no care. 𝄇

As he was a-walking one evening so clear
A heavenly sweet voice sounded soft in his ear.
He stood like a post, not one step could he move,
𝄆 He knew not what ailed him but thought it was love. 𝄇

He beheld a young damsel, a fair modest maid,
She had something amiss and disguised in her face.
Disguised in her face she unto him did say,
𝄆 "How now, Master Shepherd, how came you this way?" 𝄇

The shepherd he replied and modestly said:
"I never was surpris├Ęd before at a maid.
When first you beheld me from sorrow I was free,
𝄆 But now you have stolen my poor heart away." 𝄇

He took her by the hand and this he did say:
"We will be married, pretty Betsy, today."
So to church they did go and were married we hear,
𝄆 And now he'll enjoy pretty Betsy, his dear. 𝄇

Totally agree that the scene is poorer without the likes of Peter GSS. We have recently worked out a version of Serving man Husband man - sung by the two male singers in our band and I'm really pleased with it - you don't hear it performed much (well it least I haven't).
GuestPeter - no I never saw him either but had a similar experience of not going to his gig at the Portland Arms in Cambridge in the 70s because some girl I fancied was going to a party on the same evening.
Guest - I too discover YT at about that age but never saw them - Peter used to make his own clothes I believe - must try that sometime.