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Posted By: Poo-Twa
24-Jan-01 - 12:18 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: THE KENNEBUNKPORT HILLBILLY (parody)
Subject: RE: BS: Bush/Beverly Hillbillies parody
BlueJay here, at Poo-Twa's house. That's a good one, Susan. I can picture the ducks running around on the White House lawn already. The only thing I can't figure out: Is Dubya playing the part of Uncle Jed, or Jethro?

BTW, it was me, in the "Bushwhacked" thread, who brought up the horrid thought of W possibly being the Prez for two terms. Don't know what I was thinking, except perhaps a fond rememberance of eight years of Reagan being fodder for comedians. However, the damage is still not completely undone, and it looks to me that it may well get worse, before people finally wake the fuck up. I shouldn't have brought it up, and you were entirely correct in poxing me. Cheers, BlueJay