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01-Oct-16 - 04:43 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: No One Left But Me (The McCalmans)
Subject: Lyr Add: NO ONE LEFT BUT ME (The McCalmans)
Not seeing it on Mudcat's Digital Tradition, I looked farther.
I can't vouch for their accuracy, but here are lyrics, from

Alan Murray, Grian Music
As recorded by The McCalmans on "High Ground" (1997)

For generations past, there's been fishing in our blood
Since the days of the drifters and the sails
They sailed out of Buckie, and they sailed from Peterheid
To catch the herring, and to fight the gales

The Zulu was a bonny boat, she carried net or line –
Hard working, but trim and fair of form
Before the steam and diesel broke the peace and filled the air
She'd fly like an eagle on the storm

CHORUS: Now there's no one left but me, going fishing on the sea
And it won't be very long 'til I am gone

There was a time when you could walk for half a mile
On the decks in the harbour down below
The boat they called The Handsome was my grandad's pride and joy
And his time was the best we'll ever know

When war was on the sea, The Handsome sailed to Scapa Flow –
They commandeered the boat and all the men
No more she'd carry herring, she was moving shells and guns
And grandad never owned a boat again. CHORUS

I only ever thought that I would join my father's crew
I was proud to be the next son to go
But the fishing in my blood, it was never in my heart
Now fishing is the only thing I know

And now they're catching fish with a purse that's miles wide
They've got machines to suck them from the sea
For once they've caught their ain fish they go on catching mine
And very soon they'll put an end to me. CHORUS TWICE

I did look on the MacCalmans' site also:

I'm sure others will know more.