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Posted By: kendall
09-Oct-16 - 05:32 PM
Thread Name: Talking blues and spoken country songs?
Subject: Lyr Add: IT SURE AS HELL AIN'T COUNTRY (K Morse)
It sure as hell ain't country

I was rolling along on the interstate,
In a 18-wheeler, two hours late,
Searching the dial for a country song,
Nothing on but rock and roll, that's an oxymoron.

I picked up a hiker to relieve the gloom,
Thought if she's willing I'll get a room,
No such luck, all she wanted was my radio.

She found a station that was playing that stuff,
Some call country, that was bad enough,
Then she started to sing along! had a voice that would shatter Tupperware.

We rode that way for miles and miles,
I tried to talk, but she just smiled,
Kept on singing with that awful voice,
Finally, I knew I had no choice,
Gotta get rid of her...or shut her up some how.

I stopped at a diner outside Duluth,
I found myself a darkened booth,
Tried to get friendly but she couldn't hear,
Had one of them damn Walkmen stuck in her ear.
Same old rock and roll, 'nuff to make you chew your own leg off

Finally came to my own home town,
she opened the door, 'fore she jumped down,
she wanted to know if we'd meet again,
I said "Ain't likely, I ain't into pain."
I finally walked through my own front door,
TV was on, going full bore,
The kid was watching TNN
And that same old racket hit me again.
It's like pollution, lawyers, it's everywhere.

One guy was pounding a big stack of drums,
Screaming something at the top of his lungs,
Another had a steel and a cowboy hat,
Kid says, "Whats the matter? you don't like that"?
He's singing about the land of the free,"
I said, "Boy, you could 'a' fooled me,
But I can tell you this much, it sure as hell ain't country."