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Posted By: meself
26-Oct-16 - 01:35 PM
Thread Name: Tunes for St. Andrew's Night
Subject: Tunes for St. Andrew's Night?
I'm preparing fiddle tunes to play for a St. Andrew's Night gig - for mainly ex-pat Scots in Canada. Now, I'm not worrying about having 'enough' material - but about having enough of the right material. I have a ton of Scottish dance tunes from the Cape Breton repertoire, but I'm not going to be playing for dancing, I don't think - more background music for the mingling and dining, and they want tunes that the (middle-aged) crowd will know. I've got lots of old folk songs & Burns songs in my head, but I don't know if that's enough to cut it. I'm wondering specifically if there are certain melodies -especially more modern ones (i.e. post-1900) - that I must or at least should be able to play to keep people happy. I have a fear of someone demanding some tune that 'everybody knows' but that I've never heard of ....

And while we're at it: any tunes that should be avoided for political/cultural reasons? When I used to sing Flower of Scotland back in the '70s, some of the Scots would stand, as for a national anthem - is that still done? If so, I don't want to play it during dinner!

Anyway: all suggestions welcome!