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Posted By: Jim Dixon
31-Oct-16 - 10:33 PM
Thread Name: Barbecue songs
Subject: Lyr Add: DOWN AT THE BARBECUE (Lewis/Erdman, 1914)
Following lyrics are from the sheet music at Mississippi State University. Several other libraries also have copies, which leads me to think this must have been a fairly popular song. However, I couldn't find an old recording available online, but I found this recent one at YouTube.

Words by Roger Lewis, music by Ernie Erdman, ©1914.

1. Toot, toot, toot! Hear that whistle screeching.
Toot, toot, toot! Hear the preacher preaching,
Talking to the congregation, telling them today
There's goin' to be a barbecue a few miles down the bay.
Hon', hon', hon', dress up; make a showing.
Run, run, run; boat will soon be going.
Bring along my old banjo,
And honey dear, we're goin' to go
And oh, oh, oh!

CHORUS: Down at the barbecue, down at the barbecue,
Ev'rybody's goin', honey; so are you.
Oh, you crowd in Dixie, we'll be with you alright.
Have enough to eat; we've got a big appetite.
Oh! Oh! You possum stew, what we won't do to you!
There won't be any left at all when we get through.
All the old songs we'll be singing.
Hear us harmonizing while the moon is rising,
Down at the barbecue.

2. Hon', hon', hon', see the crowd that's going.
Hon', hon', hon', see the class they're showing.
Ev'rybody's happy; why, there's not a one who's sad,
And dressed in lots of colors that the rainbow never had.
Come, come, come; hear that band a-playin'.
Look, look, look; ev'rybody's swayin'.
This town is no place for you,
So we'll go to the barbecue,
And oo, oo, oo!