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Posted By: Jim Dixon
31-Oct-16 - 11:41 PM
Thread Name: Barbecue songs
Subject: Lyr Add: THE MISSISSIPPI BARBECUE (D Reed, 1914)
The following lyrics come from the sheet music at Indiana University. You can also hear a 1914 recording by Arthur Collins and Byron G. Harlan on YouTube.

Words and music by Dave Reed, ©1914.

1. Honey, honey, hurry; put your best clothes on.
Come out and meet me at the old red barn.
I've got the mule team hitched up waitin' you there.
I'm goin' to take you to a swell affair.
Ev'rybody's waitin' there for me and you,
Down at the Mississippi barbecue.
We'll have the grandest spree
That you ever dared to see
Before that party is through.

CHORUS: Oh, honey, hear the people cheer.
Come here; I'm goin'.
We'll be singin' and wingin' till the hour of dawn,
Ev'ry kind of devil dance that ever was born.
Oh, hear that grand
Kentucky band.
Good land!
Some blowin'.
Gee, I'm just goin' dippy
About that Mississippi

2. Soon you'll hear the steamboat comin' down the stream,
Puffin' and tootin' with a mighty scream.
She'll bring the Darktown dandies from Tennessee
Down to Kentucky to the jubilee.
Smell the grand aroma of that cookin' sweet.
Lordy, I wish that it was time to eat.
I'll have an awful fight
Controllin' my appetite.
It runs clean down to my feet.