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Posted By: Mr Red
08-Nov-16 - 03:48 AM
Thread Name: Converting abc to notation AND midi
Subject: RE: Converting abc to notation AND midi
Now I wonder why software would need ergonomics
Well. I always reckon to be able to operate s/w without a manual, if it is ergonomic. If not, not.

By the time you have clicked on the mouse/remote 20 times on everything but the "OK" button* and still not found how to get the on-screen keyboard for letters, despite there being phone-type letters etched or a screenfull of text that doesn't quite say the one thing you need. And you are jumping up and down. I think we can say that not only is ergonomic the apt word generically, but also etymologically.

* pressing "OK" might be acceptance of an incomplete (externally generated/given) password, that is going to be difficult to change later. Just when you are setting-up this gizmo for a technophobe!

BTW click this thread asking the same thing notably (pun intended) the last post is from Pavane of this parish who wrote a program for this. click here

And - Dave (Hi) - have you spoken to Floss? - He held a workshop on this very subject many years ago.