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Posted By: leeneia
09-Nov-16 - 10:24 AM
Thread Name: Converting abc to notation AND midi
Subject: RE: Converting abc to notation AND midi
I use the converter at mandolintab all the time. I also use Noteworthy Composer to edit music, and I have a MIDI controller (looks like a small piano) connected to my computer.

I am very leery of downloading software which might interfere with my present setup. Too often I find that a video (or something) has silenced my Noteworthy Composer. So far, it's been easy to restore, but if I accidentally downloaded software that seriously wanted to hog my speakers, I might not be able to undo it.

(How much would I trust software which operates 8 tracks of music and also flies model airplanes? Not much.)

But I can assure you that for a long time that the converter at mandolintab has not caused any problems.