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Posted By: Ed.
15-Nov-16 - 10:15 AM
Thread Name: BS: A pet hate: 'Amusingly' renamed words
Subject: BS: A pet hate: 'Amusingly' renamed words
What I mean by this is the growing trend on web forums to change words to reinforce a point.

For example, in the computer world we have long had 'Microshaft' or 'Micro$oft' up against 'Crapple'.

After the recent UK referrendum, depending on which side you support, opponents are either 'Remoaners' or 'Brexshitters'.

There are many more. The most recent I've seen was from Backwoodsman of this parish in a current thread, who articulated his distaste of Ukuleles by calling the instrument a 'Pukelele'. How very droll...

I'm sorry, but it's not original, it's not witty and it really gets my goat!

Rant over.