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Posted By: meself
15-Nov-16 - 11:43 AM
Thread Name: BS: A pet hate: 'Amusingly' renamed words
Subject: RE: BS: A pet hate: 'Amusingly' renamed words
Well - at its best, this sort of thing can be original, witty, and not get MY goat; e.g. [insert inarguably original, witty, and goat-repelling 'renamed word' here]. At its worst, this sort of thing smacks of the schoolyard. I hope it hasn't gotten as bad in Britain, but in North America, the words that 'contributors to the internet' have 'renamed' as insults to those of the opposing political stripe are positively infantile, the kind of thing you and I outgrew by the time we were eight-years-old. Do I need to point out that this phenomenon started on one end of the political spectrum - guess which end? It carried on there for some time, but eventually some of the weaker-minded on the other end started to respond in kind. Of course, when you consider the childish rhetoric that was coming from one presidential candidate - who, if you can believe it, went on to win the election - what can you expect?