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Posted By: Stanron
17-Nov-16 - 01:27 PM
Thread Name: How do you play through mistakes?
Subject: RE: How do you play through mistakes?
The method I use to play through mistakes goes like this,

First, stop playing and Second, locate a point ahead in the tune and start playing again there.

A couple of points. This is no problem when playing with other people but playing solo you can end up with a gap. If you know your chords you can fill in a gap with the right chords, or odd notes from them, until you start playing the tune again. The better you get at this, the shorter the gaps get and the less anyone else will know there was a mistake.

For playing without mistakes the advice about playing slow enough to not get it wrong is good. Your hands will learn whatever you repeat. If you repeat mistakes your hands will learn those mistakes. If you play it slow enough to always get it right your hands will learn it right.