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Posted By: Richie
18-Nov-16 - 12:08 AM
Thread Name: How do you play through mistakes?
Subject: RE: How do you play through mistakes?

When you make a mistake you go to the next note without pausing. You have to be able to visualize where you are going and pick up in rhythm the next series of notes. This requires practice and there is an exact way to practice this which requires detailed instruction on how to properly develop these skills (which I'm not going to do now).

There are several ways to practice this:
1) play every other measure aloud in time
2) have a friend or teacher say stop- then you stop (play along mentally hearing the music) and they say start and you start in exactly where you would if the music was continuously playing.
3) use a timer/beeper on your cell phone or metronome

When performing solo- you don't stop you:
A. Go to the next note in rhythm
B. You immediately skip ahead to a starting point
C. If all else fails-- you immediately (without pausing) start over.

I've written a series of articles on performance development if anyone is interested- I worked on these principles for the articles with my friend and former teacher Aaron Shearer.