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Posted By: Dave the Gnome
21-Nov-16 - 01:33 PM
Thread Name: Gunga Din. Racist or just of its time?
Subject: RE: Gunga Din. Racist or just of it's time?
The comparison, meself, was merely for illustrative purposes. Hunting songs, Gunga Din and the previously mentioned 'I hate wogs' can all be seen as offensive if taken in the wrong way. They are all songs that may need careful consideration before singing.

I would also dispute the absolute view that Gunga Din criticises racism. I agree that it is one possible viewpoint but it could also be seen as a white supremacist being astounded to find that an Indian could be as good as him (An' for all 'is dirty 'ide, 'E was white, clear white, inside) You will also note that the narrator waits until after the death of 'good old grinnin', gruntin' Gunga Din' before he praises him. And then only after making the assumption that, even though he was a good man, he would be going to hell. Presumably because he was an 'eathen.

Talking of hell - Just being devil's advocate here :-) I don't hold either view firmly.