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Posted By: Thompson
03-Dec-16 - 02:49 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: Automatic Gestures
Subject: RE: Folklore: Automatic Gestures
I speak fluent cat, though only a few words. There's the greeting that James Joyce expresses as "mkgnao", if I remember the spelling right, and the briefer Siamese version of this, "meringue". There's the shirring meow with a tremble on the palate that's a general "Going well for you?" And of course anyone who's ever lived with a cat is familiar with the "Open the effing door, wouldja?" meow, and the horrible "Help, I'm in bad trouble" wail.

I also speak fluent baby, and am glad that there are now YouTube videos explaining which cry means what.

My favourite thing about the various sign languages (which are different languages from country to country, like spoken languages, and have very different grammars) is the slang: Prince Charles is two hands cupped behind the ears; a Protestant (in Irish Sign Language) is a sash drawn from shoulder to waist; an Irish person (in British Sign Language) is a flick of the shoulder as if knocking off a chip. Politically incorrect all, but funny!