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Posted By: Joe Offer
03-Dec-16 - 03:37 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req/Add: Paddy Welcome Back (Utah Phillips)
Subject: ADD: Paddy Welcome Back (Utah Phillips)
This is from the Utah Phillips Starlight on the Rails Songbook, published in 1973. The book used to be online, but I couldn't find it anymore. If you email me, I can send you a scan with notation.

(Utah Phillips, 1973)

I left my wife in a pauper's grave
Over by the Loray mill.
I left my thumb in a bluecoat trench
On the edge of Chancellorville.
I left my youth in a railroad camp
And my pride in a whiskey jar.
I left my pay in a little black book
Down at the commissary store.

Still she rolls and still she blows
And her thunder shakes the land.
It's Paddy welcome back to the end of the track
With a gun and shovel in your hand.

I wish I was the suttler's mule
And could draw his stable and board.
You'd never find my name in that little black book,
And I'd buy on account no more.
I'd rather have the bridle and lash,
Sure, I'd be driven no worse
Than by that hijack yankee clerk
With his hand ever in his purse.

Ching-chong Chinaman, he's got a curlicue,
And he'll get my job some day,
'Cause he works like the devil owned his soul,
And settles for half the pay.
I'd drink bad whiskey and strong barge rum
By the light of the brakeman's lamp,
Then try another turn of the chuck-a-luck
Down in the railroad camp.