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Posted By: Stanron
06-Dec-16 - 06:42 AM
Thread Name: Music as torture?
Subject: RE: Music as torture?
GUEST,Senoufou wrote: but what exactly IS the objection to a bodhran?
People who play tunes in tunes sessions first have to learn to play their instrument. (not enough?)

Then they have to learn a lot of tunes. (still not enough?)

Then they have to learn to play these tunes at the pace they get played by the people who have been playing them several nights a week for the last five or ten or more years.

By the time they can do this they will have become aware of what might be called generic 'dialects' of playing.

Some-one who has just bought a 'Bore on' goes to a session for the first time and tries to join in.

Who has the good time and who has the bad time?

There are good bodhoran players and playing with them is a pleasure. They will have gone through a similar process to other players over similar periods of time. It's the first day thumpers who give the rest a bad name.