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Posted By: leeneia
07-Dec-16 - 09:46 AM
Thread Name: Music as torture?
Subject: RE: Music as torture?
Surely one reason people listen to radio is to hear new music and new musicians.
Here's a form of musical torture for me:

I go to a symphony orchestra performance. I'm seated fifteen minutes early so I can read the program and compose myself for beautiful music. Out comes a trombone player. He sits himself on stage, starts practicing his hardest bit in a given key.

Out comes a viola player. Does the same thing, only it's from a different piece, in a different key. Out comes an oboist...

You get the idea. Soon there are a lot of people on stage producing a god-awful musical madhouse. If a melody is like a lovely fragrance wafting through the air, then this is like a mental patient with really bad BO.

I've quit going to the symphony because of this. I'm a music lover, not an item of livestock.