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Posted By: GUEST,Guest 7 Dec 0920
08-Dec-16 - 02:45 PM
Thread Name: Music as torture?
Subject: RE: Music as torture?
I don't listen to music programmes on the radio because however much I might respect the presenter, they work from playlists of APPROVED music from the station owner. There is very little scope for such a
presenter to play what he wants to, enabling me to make a judgment about whether to listen again. I'm a far better judge of what I like than a vast media corporation.- the days of John Peel are OVER, sadly.

I am not prepared to iisten to ANY radio programme where Murdoch, Denis O'Brien, the Sony Corporation or any other commercial interest decides what is played!

I don't except the BBC or RTE from this- even when a 'traditional' or a jazz programme is advertised, you can almost hear the gritting of teeth from some presenters when another load of commercial crap is imposed on them (and us!) from above.
So still, no thanks, I have a vast collection of recorded music & still surprise myself by what's there & almost forgotten.   
Not to mention what's available online!
Mind you, Steve's memories certainly ring a bell although an hour of Radio 1 without all the rest of it would make me give a lot more than name, rank and number, and very quickly.