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Posted By: Senoufou
19-Dec-16 - 11:27 AM
Thread Name: BS: Where can I hear a lark sing?
Subject: RE: BS: Where can I hear a lark sing?
There's a riverside walk in the centre of Norwich UK. We were ambling along beside the Hotel Nelson, traffic roaring past on the bridge above, when a kingfisher shot out of his hole in the bank beside us and flashed away across the river Wensum. Beautiful turquoise shimmer, but very fast. Didn't realise there were kingfishers there!

We also have buzzards and red kites. They're quite good at swooping down and grabbing rats in their talons. And like Steve I've seen them eating roadkill carrion. The barn owl ("Barny") who flew along our ditch seemed to catch more in the way of smaller prey such as shrews and mice; once I saw him grab a slow-worm! I've heard that owls' habitat is dwindling. They like old barns and outbuildings, and farmers are demolishing them nowadays.