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Posted By: Donuel
20-Dec-16 - 11:25 PM
Thread Name: BS: Mudcat Christmas Tavern 2016
Subject: RE: BS: Mudcat Christmas Tavern 2016
Relax M
doncha see she just has a bad case of Munchies. Reaching in my pendulous sack...Weedenscense, myrrh, mold, ah cinnamon sugar mushrooms, with that she bumped me in the armpit and I dropped the weed and whoomph it was gone. When eating it definitely sounds like whomph bat batbat. The pleading of the beast sounded like stereo high pitched whine on top of a deep resonant slow motion chortle of a dreaming bear...again a bigger bump and I stumbled backwards and the mushrooms were gone.   Damn that was enough for a month. That two foot schnoze was now flaring its nostrils that could swallow my arm. It suddenly took a rather rude sniff that vacuumed a sensitive area.
In twenty minutes this Kodiak bear sized gerbil is going to be on the verge of speech, I need a trail of crumbs or a Pied Piper to get'er away from the Tavern,