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Posted By: Mo the caller
10-Jan-17 - 07:28 AM
Thread Name: Excel spreadsheets
Subject: Excel spreadsheets
I use a spread sheet to keep tabs on what I have in various bank & savings account. I have worked out how to use the IF function to see how interest much my bank accounts should earn, if the balance is less or greater than various tiers. But when interest is paid in I have to alter that cell by hand (which can make problems if I alter something else later).
I've tried to look for an AND function, but can't see one.
Is there some way I can say
If value in
column 1(type of payment) is ii
and column 3(bank account code) is b
then column 7(balance in that account) is formula - value in column 5
otherwise formula.
I suppose I could do it by using extra columns, but there must be a neater way.
I'm using Excel 2007