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Posted By: Donuel
10-Jan-17 - 08:07 PM
Thread Name: BS: 15 years later
Subject: BS: 15 years later
15 years ago I made a prediction of sorts. Amos told me it was stupid to say so and eventually the thread was closed. Has America lost the war? We certainly prevented tragedy at great cost! But win? There is no winning. Bear in mind this was back before our invasion in 2003.
The Trade Center was still smoldering... and I was still raving and ranting. The point is America has LOST THE WAR.

(sample from 2001 )

Subject: RE: BS: America has LOST THE WAR
From: Donuel - PM
Date: 25 Sep 01 - 12:59 AM

M. Ted , Lets enter hypothetical mode to answer your question of why be so careful with an elaborate strategy and a world court of some kind to legitimatize our war against terrorism -

If we were at war with a nation that released nuclear radiation in the form of depleted uranium from the Mississippi to the east coast that caused a continual deformation of our infant children you would be pretty darn mad. Now lets get real...
This is what we did to Iraq on a large scale. The "DU" we left in the Balkans is tiny in comparison. Using nuclear weapons is surprisingly not a war crime. Is this ironic , tragic , or the proudest moment in the history of mankind?
Now we have a foe full of 2000 years of vengeance with a nuke or two that thinks he knows us because we trained him and Allah guides him. We will win at all costs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How much will the lesson cost??: 3 buildings and 7000 lives, a city , 20 cities , 200,000 ground troops ? Will the lessons be learned ?
Is a better weapon of mass destruction the saner weapon? Are non fissionable radioactive weapons humane?
We hear about crack babies but not a word about the twisted masses of deformed flesh that are called Iraqi infants.
Patriots need not reply with "they had it coming" remarks. Nobody should have it coming, NOT YOU , NOT THE 7000 , NOT ANYONE.
There are many here that understand there is more at stake than a successful killing of bin Laden.
Deliberate calm thought is required by a kung fu master, samurai , ninja and even the US to vanquish this enemy.
I am just an average guy and can not fathom all the complexities. I don't think Rumsfeld has a handle on all the complexities to come either.