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Posted By: Andrew Wigglesworth
11-Jan-17 - 11:49 AM
Thread Name: blacked up morris dancers abused in uk
Subject: RE: blacked up morris dancers abused in uk
From: Big Al Whittle ... "i'm sorry Jim theres such a predictability about the Wrigglesworth post that that PC could stand for pathetically childish."

Sorry Al, I genuinely haven't a clue what you're trying to say there (it's "Wigglesworth" btw).

From: Howard Jones ... "I am also disappointed that the EFDSS couldn't have taken a more nuanced approach and been more supportive. However it is now a branch of the Arts Industry rather than an organisation which supports folk traditions so its position on this is unsurprising."

I think there is some truth in those words, and I'm also rather disappointed but unsurprised.

Jim Carroll ... I have a great deal of sympathy for what you're saying, or, rather, I can see the point that you're getting at and it is a reasonable contribution. Personally, putting on a disguise in the form of makeup, whilst dressed and dancing as a Morris dancer does not come anywhere near blood sports or Lancashire Granny Hurling (it does sound like a Bill Tidy thing). The "moral outrage" shown by some organisations who seem to want sensationalist publicity I would put almost on a level with tabloid journalists who want sensationalist headlines. Morris dancing gets little enough support in the media (none, or ridicule/disdain usually in, say, popular TV) that I find it quite distressing to find it in the middle of such a febrile debate with many characterising it in openly prejudiced or even offensive language.

Despite some of the silly words written here about conspiracies led Morris dancers and parts of a right-wing establishment, Morris is not is a strong position. There are no paid lobbyists, no real political mileage for supporting it, lots of scope for attacking what's seen as a soft easy target. Any "support" on this issue from the likes of the Daily Mail I would shun. It's a classic example of a political debate being held on entirely enemy ground.

Morris dancing may lose this one, it'll continue to exist, but the position of racism in our society will not have shifted one iota. If "politically correct" simply means the use of the "correct" language and the "correct" outwards appearances whilst not challenging and in fact maintaining exploitative economic systems ... then I will maintain a right to criticise those who profess it in that way.