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Posted By: Howard Jones
12-Jan-17 - 03:59 AM
Thread Name: blacked up morris dancers abused in uk
Subject: RE: blacked up morris dancers abused in uk
Morris-ey, are you seriously suggesting that the English Folk Dance and Song Society should not have a view on what is probably the most popular, and certainly the most visible, form of English Folk Dance? Or that its opinion shouldn't carry weight?

I know perfectly well what "nuanced" means, and I'm disappointed the EFDSS couldn't have made a statement which acknowledges the many shades of opinion on this topic. Even if it felt unable to defend the tradition, as I personally would have hoped, it could at least have done more to explain that, whatever the controversy over its possible origins, in the modern revival blacking up has no racist intent. Instead we get a statement which can be summarised as "this looks dodgy, we want nothing to do with it". I would have expected something more from an organisation which in its own words was originally established with the aim of saving and celebrating England's traditional folk songs and dances. However it now appears to have abandoned this and has become an arts organisation - with some success, admittedly, but increasingly irrelevant to many.